New Trinity Guild Hall Grade 1 & 2 Syllabi

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

First impressions -

The cover art looks great! Nice colours and a nice matt finish

Exercises -

On first glance they look a bit more comprehensive than the previous set of exercises. By this I mean they have clearly thought about the early stages of learning and how the body adapts to moving around the drums. They also feel like they have a bit more flow to them, this makes the student move more naturally when moving around the kit.

Songs -

I love the new songs. What a great move by Trinity here. They are incredibly diverse and for such an early stage of the learning process I personally think its great to be exposed to things like jazz and funk. Thumbs up from me on these!

Solo pieces -

Yet again Trinity has hit a home run here. A great range of phrasing and again, movement around the kit has really been taken into consideration in these solo exercises. I have a number of students working through them right now and so I will be able to report more on these in the near future.

Summary -

After working with the new trinity college syllabus for a couple of months now my overall view of it is a good one. They have hit the nail on the head when looking from a more traditional way of learning the drums. I am by no means biased to any particular way of learning as I myself learned by ear and playing along to records as well as with books. Both the rock and pop and college syllabi are great and have so much to offer. I just prefer the Trinity College out of taste. This is mostly due to the rudimentary side of the things. The exercises are such a great way to transition from pad/snare to kit and have worked wonders for me and my students.

Well done Trinity, it's a big thumbs up from me!

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