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Why choose Al's for your drum lessons?

Here's why.....

  • UNDERSTANDING OF MUSIC AS A WHOLE - At Al's Drum School my aim is to give each student an understanding of not only drumming but of music as a whole. I have a passionate approach to teaching drums and I always keep in mind the ultimate goal, playing music!

  • RELAXED AND WELCOMING SPACE - My studio is a warm and welcoming space. I want every student to feel comfortable and at home in their drum lesson. All of the equipment at Al's is high quality. You'll be learning to play professionally on professional equipment.

  • MINDFUL DRUM LESSONS - Playing the drums is not only physical, there is a big mental aspect to being a drummer. I feel this is often missed in standard drum tuition. When you study at Al's we will take time to look at this side of being a drummer and cater for it in each lesson.

What else makes Al's Drum School unique from the rest?

  • UNIQUE APPROACH TO TEACHING - My approach to teaching is unlike anything you may have seen before. I try to incorporate my own experience as a professional drummer which I have crafted over 18 years as a working musician. I'm not the type of drum teacher who will simply open a drum book and say play this! Everything you will learn at Al's will have context, meaning and experience running through it.

Tamara, Student Parent

Alex has been a great teacher to my 9 year old son for several years. He's always relaxed & freindly & makes lessons fun and varied, while at the same time setting and achieving a high standard. I can highly recommend him!


Student parent

Can I also take this opportunity to say what a brilliant job Alex is doing with Jonah!! He absolutely loves Alex’s lessons and we have been amazed at how much Jonah’s confidence has grown at school since starting drumming lessons and especially taking part in the drumming assemblies. We are grateful to Alex for all his hard work so please pass on our thanks to him. 

Veronica Stoodley, Head Teacher

Alex is a professional musician & not only personally highly proficient but he is also a skilled teacher who is able to communicate effectively with the children


Uckfield Road, Lewes

07548 502453



September 2020

Big thanks to Dream Cymbals!

Some of you may know that recently I was lucky enough to become and endorsee of Dream Cymbals and at the beginning of the month I headed down to a warehouse in Worthing and got to try out a whole host of cymbals. 

After a couple of hours of decision making I walked away the proud owner of a brand new set of cymbals and some cool toys to boot!

If your taking your drum lessons in person here in Lewes, you'll get the chance to play these amazing instruments.


What a great reason to come down and have a go!

If you'd like to find out more about Dream cymbals head to their website and take a look around. 


Photography - www.davidwren.co

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